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City Tours

  • Helsinki Highlights 
  • Old Porvoo City
  • Suomenllinna Fortress
  • Seurasaari Open Air Museum

Airport/ Cruise Transit

  • Airport-CityTransfer 2h
  • 8h Transit/ City tour 5h
  • Cruise Stop City Tour 4h

Culinary & Design

5h City tours with Lunch

  • At the City Hall restaurant
  • Food tasting at the market+ Design shopping

Outdoors tours

  • Unique Sauna experience at Löyly or the Sea-Pool
  • Suomenlinna Seafortress Unesco World Heritage

We help you to book a customized tour with the best guide

Our dedicated Travel Team is here to design customised tours with  the best local guides - just for you!

After receiving your request, we will put our local knowledge to work and create a tour that matches your wishes. Just let our travel team know what you would like to experience and we will do our best to make it happen.

All our services include a private guided tour in Helsinki and the surrounding beautiful Finnish Nature. Try walking on a frozen lake in the winter or bathing in a traditional sauna by the sea. Get to know the Finnish culture through its Design and food specialities! Visit our bastion fortress, Suomenlinna, an unique Unesco World Heritage Site on a historical tour! Welcome to Helsinki, Finland!

Nature in Finland

Helsinki has an archipelago of more than 330 islands and most of them are in a wild state. You can find nature just a few steps from the city center. In fact even our President lives on a wild island called Seurasaari, which is also an open air museum!

You will have the possibility to ski, skate, cycle and walk on the sea or our frozen lakes in the winter! In other seasons, you can take adventage of living close to the sea and nature and for example pick some mushrooms and berries in the forrest. In Finland we also have many wild animals like our national brown bear "Karhu" in Finnish which is also a the name of the popular beer made by Koff! It is said that you have to drink 10 of those to feel as strong as a bear. Finns are said to drink 10 in an hour!

In Finland there is a legal concept called Every Man's right when it comes to enjoying Finnish nature. You can pick mushrooms and berries anywhere as long as you don't damage the environment or disturb others. There is room to roam for everyone in a country of 338 000 km2 with only 5,6 million inhabitants.

Enjoy the unique experience of traditional Sauna. Taste our delicious Finnish cuisine and book a memorable tour with our Travel Team Finland Guides!


" I only arranged the tour for 20 pax 3 days in advance. Catherine responded quickly and confirmed within hours. We had a lovely time in Helsinki!"

David C.Y.P.

Travel Team Finland

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